Inspiring Beauties Blog: 8 Ways To Get a Flat Stomach

8 Ways To Get a Flat Stomach

8 Ways To Get a Flat Stomach

With summer fast approaching, we fully appreciate the urge to get in shape and transform that body in time for the beach. We have therefore written up a number of top tips on how to get that beach body, however remember you are in complete control of your destiny, the more you put in the more you get out.

1) Cardio - you knew it was coming, however you are definitely going to have to start performing cardio if you truly want to get that flat stomach. Aim for 45-60 minutes per session, 5 times a week. However be aware that you might have to build up to this level. Push yourself to go that extra mile and work out whats best for you, such as morning or evening workouts.
Try to switch up which cardio machine you use, so one day use the bike and the next the treadmill.

2) Avoid stress - Your body releases cortisol into the bloodstream when under stress. This is fine and healthy for the body, however it should then return to normal once you have calmed down, however due to our increasingly stressful lives, the body doesn't always have the chance to return to normal levels. Increased levels of cortisol in the system can lead to increased abdominal fat (as well as many health issues such as higher blood pressure and a decrease in bone density). So calm yourself down and keep that smile on your face.

3) Record your level of body percent fat (a personal trainer can find this out for you at most gyms) so you know what you are and can start to set targets. Without specific metrics, you will have no idea whether you are progressing or not.

4) Perform ab exercises - It is worth first pointing out that all the ab exercises you do will have no effect on your appearance if your body percent fat is too high, so complete these and be aware you wont see the results till your body fat decreases. Some ab exercises we would recommend are jack-knifes, reverse crunches, medicine ball crunches and planks.

5) Count those calories - you won't be able to lose weight unless you are burning more calories than you are intaking. I would also recommend counting your protein, carbohydrate and fat levels.

6) Prepare meals the day before - if you have all your meals planned out and ready, there is less temptation to snack. I would also recommend being really vigilant when doing your week food shop as if you have no snacks in the house, you are forced to eat healthy. Also, make sure you don't buy any takeaways, these are generally very high in sugars and salt.

7) Work out which supplements work for you - you could try out a fat burner to help enhance the weight loss or you could use a low calorie meal replacement. Either way, a protein shake straight after a workout is definitely recommended.

8) Try not to eat too many solid carbohydrates. You need to switch your body from relying on carbohydrates for energy to using fat for energy. If you do eat solid carbs, make sure they are wholewheat, so eat brown rice instead of cheap white rice and maybe try eating quinoa instead of pasta. Going cold turkey on solid carbohydrates is very difficult so we tip our hats if you go for this option. Remember you can eat healthy carbohydrates in the form of vegetables.

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